Tabish Shaikh

I am a 3rd Year Undergraduate Student in the
Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Jammu


About Me

Motivated and passionate about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I am a third year Undergraduate student doing BTech in CSE at IIT Jammu. In my second year I mainly focused on web development, then I was introduced to the machine learning when i was doing Andrew Ng sir course on Coursera and instantly fell in love with it. After finishing that course currently i am doing deep learning course and reading Deep Learning Book by Ian Goodfellow. Besides this I contribute to open source project named Open Library by the Internet Archive as I am inspired by its moto of "a webpage for each and every book ever written" so that every individual has access to education. At IIT Jammu, I coordinate the activities of coding club by periodically organising competitive coding competitions, seminars, workshops by industry leaders and mentoring the students. Apart from academics one achievement I feel proud of is I have adopted a healthy lifestyle by losing approximately 35 pounds in a year's span and sometimes during my free time(which is rare:) I play guitar .
Please have a look at my projects.
Danke für Ihren Besuch und auf Wiedersehen (yes I am learning introductory german :)


Youstart Technologies (Jaipur)

Full Stack Developer Internship

Technologies used: Reactjs, React native, node js, Javascript, HTML, express.
This project involved the development of an automatic app maker. Using the website, the user could drag and drop features into the preview of app shown on the screen and by pressing the download button the user can download the release APK of the app. Our main focus was the app compiled automatically on the backend server. To automate backend, we used NodeJS on the server side with frameworks such as express. We successfully automated the backend cycle of compiling the app and tested our cycle by building a news app according to the user’s choice.

Setting up an efficient provably-secure certificateless signature scheme for Internet-of-Things deployment:

Under supervision of PHD Scholar Ankur Gupta, MNIT Jaipur

Implemented a secure and power efficient security protocol for IOT devices such that even if MITM (Man In The Middle Attack) takes place the unauthorised person would not be able to break the encrypted data.


Indian Institute of Technology Jammu

August 2016 - Present

BTech in Computer Science and Engineering

  • CGPA of 8.2(till 3rd Semester)
  • Coding Club Coordinator(January,2018 - Present):
    · Conduct events and workshops, hold lectures and talks on popular algorithms and data structures, and even host coding competitions and hackathons.
    · Facilitate the development and growth of students' creative ability and initiative by providing students with a wholesome learning experience outside the classroom.
    · Represent the college at inter-collegiate events.
  • Social Media Team Senior Member(August 2016 - Present)
  • Mentor, Institute Student Mentorship Programme (2018):
    · Responsible for guiding freshman, focussing on academics and holistic development
    · Developed a mentorship website with a team of 6 students to help freshers get acquainted to college life at IIT Jammu
  • Projects

    Convolution Network on Microsoft Pet Images dataset

    Neural Network made from tensorflow and keras to classify pets on microsoft pet images dataset using Conv2D and MaxPool2D. The dataset is first preprocessed for any outliers and then fed into the neural network.
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    A resnet34 neural network made from libraries and pytorch to build a binary classifier to classify camels and goats achieving an accuracy of almost 1

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    Deep Learning with keras and tensorflow with the mnist dataset

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    A project for the implementation of all the optimizers such as adam, nesterov gradient descent, momentum gradient descent, adagrad and rms prop(for adaptive learning rates).

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    News app using React native

    Automatically built multipaged news app using react native having features such as google login as a part of internship at Youstart Technologies.

    Pocket Tanks

    This is a online game created using NodeJS and CreateJS. The server of this game is deployed on Heroku and Firebase is used as a database to store data. The game can be played with both computer or with another player online. To play the game first the user need to login. Matches history and the achievement of every player will be stored individually.

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    2-D Colliding Balls Screen Saver

    This is a screen saver application which is used to simulate the collision of multiple balls in 2-D space.It is made using OpenGL and one-one thread communication mechanism.

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    AC Circuit Solver

    This is a AC circuit solver program. It draws a SVG image of the circuit given as input in the top.cir file

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